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Assessment at KPS


By statutory, what we really mean is, what do we have to do in terms of assessment. 

The main statutory elements of assessment are as follows:

Baseline- This is a government test that is completed with our children upon their first 6 weeks in school. It is not a sit down test and is done through conversations. 

Early Years Assessment- This is based upon the areas of learning in Reception. Pupils will either be working at the standard or not. If they meet all of their prime area goals then they will acheive what is classified as 'Good Level of Development'. 


Year 1 Phonics Screening- The phonics screening checks a pupils understanding of the phonics they have been taught since their time in school began. If they do not acheive the pass mark in this screening check at the end of Year 1, they will have a subsequent check at the end of Year 2.


Assessment is not all about numbers and seeing a child as a pecentage. The approach at Kirkheaton is that we want every child to achieve their potential and acquire the skills they need to become fully rounded citizens. Whilst we acknowledge that our students will be judged on an outcome at statutory points in their academic career, we know that isn't what truly makes a child successful. 

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