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Equality and Accessibility Objectives

Objective 1


Ensure all pupils develop their speech, communication and language in order to articulate their learning confidently.

S&L outcomes to be in line with national levels by Summer 2024 in EYFS.

Objective 2


To continue to support pupils and staff wellbeing and positive mental health.

Pupil and staff wellbeing surveys in 2024 (held at least biannually) show positive impact of wellbeing and mental health initiatives.

Objective 3


Ensure that all SEND pupils have full access to the curriculum and wider learning activities by providing appropriate support both internally and externally.

Reported through pupil progress meetings and Passports to Learning

Objective 4


Continue to address any gaps in learning for our disadvantaged pupils and provide them with opportunities to develop their cultural capital.

Outcomes for disadvantaged pupils to be in line with peers by Summer 2024 and to be in line or above national outcomes by Summer 2024.

Pupils to be offered at least one opportunity each term to improve cultural capital.

Objective 5


All children have access to remote learning opportunities and the provision of appropriate learning materials in a variety of learning formats.

Annual review of pupils who may need support with remote learning and provision of appropriate support as a result.

Objective 6


To continue to improve recruitment and employment processes to encourage a diverse workforce by 2024.

Accessibility Plan

We aim to ensure that everyone can access the same education at KPS. Below is our accessibility plan for 2023/2024

SPA Commitment

Please find a link to the SPA equality objectives:

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